The Prize Pool (So Far...)

Take a look at just some of the prizes available for the Las Vegas Nopen. Prizes will be drawn throughout the event. To participate, click on the Gleam Raffle at the top of the page and tune in live during the event!

$1000 Spree

The FLG Shopping Spree of a Lifetime

Drukhari Battleforce

Get started with the Dark Kin in Style


Primarch of the Blood Angels

Triumph of St. Katherine

A Holy Procession

Chaos Character Bundle

Come for Abaddon, Stay for Bile and Kharn

The Silent King

Supreme Commander of the Necrons

Death Guard CP

Great Blessing from Grandfather Nurgle

Constantin Valdor

The First Captain General of the Custodes

Ghazghkull Thraka

Da Biggest Boss

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