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Welcome to the Las Vegas Nopen!

Hello Everyone,

With the cancellation of the LVO, this year has been a bit of a wash in terms of the grand events that would normally have brought all of us together to enjoy the aspects of this game and hobby that we love so much. No Nova, no Adepticon, no Dallas Open, WTC, BAO, the list goes on. And that sucks, it suck a lot. These are all events that I know I personally look forward to every year because it means getting to spend time with like-minded souls, yelling about obscure lore, ooing over some of the incredible hobby work that is out there, or just having a pint at the bar, and I know I am not alone.

So, the folks that brought you 40K Stats Centre’s Ocho coverage of LVO last year have gotten together to try to give something back to the community. In these times we can’t exactly bring you to Las Vegas, but we can do our best to bring at least a little bit of Vegas to you.

From January 29th - 31st we will be hosting a 16 list single elimination tournament with a twist. Dubbed ‘The Las Vegas Nopen’, the event will feature established 40K players and streamers from around the globe playing lists they would have taken to LVO had they had the chance all livestreamed via 40kstatscentre on twitch. With hosting and commentary by Forge the Narrative’s Paul Murphy and AOW40kDU’s Adam Camilleri, the participants will stream their games locally, and then, once a winner has been determined, will potentially forward their armies on to other players to ‘carry the torch’ through to the finals.

Tabletop Titans, Vanguard Tactics, the Art of War, Hellstorm Wargaming, the Art of War Down Under, Play on Tabletop, Frontline Gaming, and others have all come together and thrown their hats into the ring to try to provide you all with a little bit of entertainment in these times. On top of the steady stream of competitive 40K content, there will be raffles for prizes throughout the show in support of Global Givings’ Coronavirus Relief Fund that is providing frontline workers around the world with much needed medical equipment.

Keep following us over the holidays for more details as they become available, and keep an eye on in the new year as they will be providing you all with early peeks at the lists and initial pairings as we get closer to the date.

We hope to see you all here.

The Falcon

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