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New Objective Markers and Lockdown News

Hello folks,

We have a couple of updates for you as we get moving through the month.

First off, we are happy to announce that we have signed up with 3d6 Wargaming to have custom objective markers created for the event! All participants were shipped a set of the markers on Monday and should have them out and on stream in time for the Nopen!

If you'd like to get a copy of the markers yourself, 3d6wargaming has made them available on their web site. 15% of the sale price goes towards the Coronavirus relief fund. Take a look for yourselves!

In other news, with the UK going into a very strict and sudden lockdown on Monday, we are waiting on news from government officials as to if our UK contributors (both already announced and in wait) will be allowed to participate. Our priority is always going to be to err on the side of safety, and will follow their lead once we know for sure. We do already have backup streamers in place if it is determined any or all of our UK partners can't play a game in-house or studio, so you do not have to fear, the show will go on no matter the response. We will also make sure that any channel that can't play on stream will still have some part to play in production if they want it.

With that in mind, we've already reached out to our first backup, the master of the Dark Kin himself, Ridvan 'Skari' Martinez to join us on our adventure. We'll keep you all updated as we get more information.

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