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A Very Special Announcer Announcement

As we move closer to the event, the production team at the Ocho is continually pushing to add more content for our prospective viewers to make this whole shebang even more special. In creating the Las Vegas Nopen, one of our main goals has always been to celebrate and engage as much of the worldwide Warhammer community as a whole as possible in such a short timeframe.

It is for this very reason that we were absolutely blown away when we were approached by some amazing content creators from across the ocean to assist in that very goal. We're extraordinarily proud to introduce something brand new to the 40k streaming world: A Spanish Announce Table.

Please join us in welcoming Deep Games Spain and Le Voz de Horus to our stream team, take it away boys:

Located in southern Spain, DEEP Games is the leading 40k youtube channel in Spanish producing top quality Warhammer 40k content: Codex and FAQs analysis, a weekly stream covering the latest news in the 40k world, and of course two battle reports each week, ranging from competitive to narrative. But wait, there’s more! They will be casting the whole event for the Spanish speaking community live on their twitch channel. Join Bizarre, Antonio, and a few guests for a weekend full of diversión, dados y Warhammer 40.000!

La Voz de Horus is a Spanish podcast with content about all aspects of Warhammer 40k every week. Each monday we publish our podcast for the largest 40k listener community in Spain & Latin America. Every aspect of 40k can be part of La Voz de Horus: from rule analysis to classic and updated lore, new Codex, releases from Black Library, hobby, tournaments, events, interviews and more. Xandre from La Voz de Horus will be casting Las Vegas Nopen alongside YouTube stars Bizarre & Antonio from DEEP Games Spain, taking this wonderful idea in Spanish to thousands of screens.

While we cannot expect any WWE-style shenanigans to occur with our new partners (sorry folks, no body slams through a table here...we hope), we can definitely expect a level of excitement and engagement that no other stream has been able to produce to date. Thanks so much you guys for offering up your time to such a wondrous cause. It means so much to us.

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