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Art of War 40k specializes in producing high-quality content for the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop tactical miniature wargame (40k) through live-streamed matches, coaching clinics, advanced strategy sessions, and hobby Q&As. We are focused on delivering the very best in competitive 40k content by putting together a coaching team of world-class tournament players, including ITC Champions Nick Nanavati and Richard Siegler.

Our team is committed to not only providing the best competitive play education available, but also in building a one of a kind community. This community exists online through The War Room, a private platform that brings together our Art of War coaches, experienced tournament circuit veterans, casual tournament goers, and new players to form the most focused, positive, and valuable space for knowledge about all things competitive Warhammer 40k.


Art of War Down Under is a podcast and streaming portion of Art Of War. Or podcast primarily reviews new release Gw content and gives you in depth analysis and breakdowns of what to expect from say, a new codex faction. Past that we regularly stream competitive 40k events and boast some of the best commentary in the world!

Tune in with us on Twitch and see some of the best Australia and the world have to offer. You can also join our Patreon and or sign up with us on the Art of War website to get access to our podcast early with a full second half to boot!


Located in southern Spain, DEEP Games is the leading 40k youtube channel in spanish producing top quality Warhammer 40k content: Codex and FAQs analysis, a weekly stream covering the latest news in the 40k world, and of course two battlereports each week, ranging from competitive to narrative.

But wait, there’s more! They will be casting the whole event for the spanish speaking community live on their twitch channel. Join Bizarre, Antonio, and a few guests for a weekend full of diversión, dados y Warhammer 40.000! ​

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Forge the Narrative is a weekly podcast focused on Warhammer 40k. We have tournament tips, Warhammer 40k codex reviews, vendor spotlights, community highlight segments and Black Library author interviews.


Frontline Gaming is a one stop shop for all of your tabletop gaming needs with discounted product, daily content, podcasts, events and more!

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Glasshammer Gaming loves every part of 40k. From competitive to Crusade we love nothing more than pitting two amazing looking armies against each other, rolling some dice and having a laugh.

Every week we produce battle reports, live streams and tactics videos. Our ELITE members also get to tune in to our Crusade streams, player interviews and roundtable Q&A’s.

Mani & Dan may come across as incompetent idiots but they have somehow managed to achieve some awesome things lately. Both are proud members of ETC Team England, Mani was European ITC Champion last season and Dan is the current Games Workshop 40k GT Champion.

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Goonhammer is a one-stop shop for written content about 40K and other traditional games. Their 40K content ranges from competitive strategy guides all the way through to painting and hobby tips, with plenty in between.

James "One_Wing" Grover is the strategy editor at Goonhammer, and since the start of 9th Edition has been writing the weekly Competitive Innovations column, breaking down the winning lists from each weekend's events to see what makes them tick.



Hellstorm Wargaming provide more than just Battle Reports. With competitive breaks downs, cynical lore podcasts, as well as hobby and painting tips over a cup of coffee, Mikey and the team will bring you content in all aspects of Warhammer with a signature irreverent attitude. Whether it’s painting or showing off the most broken list in a high quality batrep - we’re all just playing with plastic soldiers...and Hellstorm won’t let you forget that! #SMALLBOARDGANG

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La Voz de Horus is a Spanish podcast with content about all aspects of Warhammer 40k every week. Each monday we publish our podcast for the largest 40k listener community in Spain & Latin America. Every aspect of 40k can be part of La Voz de Horus: from rule analysis to classic and updated lore, new Codex, releases from Black Library, hobby, tournaments, events, interviews and more.

Xandre from La Voz de Horus will be casting Las Vegas Nopen alongside YouTube stars Bizarre & Antonio from DEEP Games Spain, taking this wonderful idea in Spanish to thousands of screens.

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We create EXCITING ENTERTAINMENT THAT FEELS FUN so that we INSPIRE positivity and inclusivity.

Season 1, our first year, we came together to challenge the status quo and reimagine what tabletop entertainment was. Season 2 we honed our craft to create incredibly high quality visual spectacles fuelled by exciting moments and stories. Season 3 in 2021 we continue the evolution.

We want to inspire people to play this game we love regardless if you are a long time player, a novice, or even just getting started. We imagine what can be and challenge what is.


Join Brian, Adrian and Bridger while they play epic games of 40k focused on tactics, beautiful armies and most of all fun. For most people it is very difficult to have their games live up to what we see in the pages of White Dwarf. At Tabletop Titans we play epic games every week and share them live on YouTube. We hope our viewers feel like a part of our community, a friend at our gaming table who are inspired by our games, models and tactics to level up their hobby. 

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Vanguard Tactics specialise in teaching Warhammer 40k to help people get the most out of their hobby, build community, and help people escape from their day to day stresses. We developed the VT Academy to help our students become incredible players, through our structured modules, tutorials, and weekly lessons. We have become the ambassadors for fair-play and sportsmanship throughout all levels of the game.







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